Wednesday 17 April 2024

CWI : Operation Latharna (20)

Before we write what we wish to, let us advise you Mr Buckley, so as to save you the effort, that what we write here - to you - is NOT harassment, threatening, untrue or defammatory.

We believe that you are more qualified than anyone else to understand that, but just in case you or your Southern Sidekick want to go making false allegations against us again in another attempt to shut us down - as evidenced here, we are well within the legal definitions of the above.

A comment on your own blogspot...

'So if Pat has the facts, I say publish and be damned. we deserve to know and then we can make our own minds up.'

CW : Mr Buckley has made many many untrue claims via his blogspot, and has been called out by this site to publish any and all evidence he may have to underwrite what he has claimed as truth. Our questioning of him can be viewed by clicking on any posting under Operation Latharna, and we will advise that to date (17th April 2024) he has NEVER replied, challenged, contradicted or indeed acknowledged our questions.

What he has done is reported such posts as harassment - which tells us all we need to know in relation to the veracity of his claims on his blogspot.

We agree with the idea of the above challenging Mr Buckley to publish and be damned - but we know he will not, because if he did so, he would be damned for the untruths he has thus far published.

The above comment goes further : 'Remember, the kind of thing that he would reveal has to do with professional lack of integrity and bare faced lies....'

CW : Well, isn't that a bit of the pot calling the kettle black considering that the evidence that we hold in relation to Mr Buckley and his Southern Sidekick would totally destroy any credibility they may think they have.

Again we repeat that callout to them both in why - thus far - Mr Buckley has failed to disclose the truth contained in a telephone call and email he is in posession of, which would totally undermine and discredit him, and indeed expose him for the liar we - and he - knows he is.

Even more in this comment...'Pat does not need to fear any comeback, because these guys know that if they take him to court over something he has said about them, they will under oath find themselves having to account for much more, so they will keep quiet.'

CW : We would just like to say here, be careful for that which you ask, as you may get it - but not the way you may expect!!

This site may yet find itself under threat of closure again due to Mr Buckley making further false allegations against us - but we, Mr Buckley,  have got so much truth (something with which you are not acquainted) about you and others, that we will gladly publish and be damned.

And as for a day out in the courts, under oath, you will be the one, alongside your Southern Sidekick, having to account for yourselves in a very very public way.

All we can say for now - bring it on!!


Eagarthóir / Editor