Thursday 29 February 2024

CWI Reviews - 2023


Well, we now face into the last hours of 2023, and it is perhaps fitting that we review the investigations carried out by CWI and give you all an update :

1. Operation Ainmhian - this began in July 2022, and we would have hoped it would have come to an end by now, but it does continue, and not unlike Christmas, it has become the gift that keeps on giving. 

This is mainly thanks to the actions, behaviours and writings of the female concerned who has in effect become known as the 'botox lady', and she is still having to show up in court to answer for her behaviour...

Wait until we get her face and name up here!!!

2. Operation Caimiléireacht - this intensive investigation began in October 2022, and has been slowly going at less-than-snails pace.

But that is going to change in January when we start to publish the names of certain 'authority' figures across certain organisations - retired or otherwise.

There is only so much time-wasting we can take, and if any wish to sue us, please free to do will NEVER stop the truth being published - here or elsewhere.

3. Operation Easpag - this time-consuming investigation began in August 2022, and came very,very close to seeing the name of the relevant cleric being published.

After some recent issues concerning same said cleric, it may yet happen that their name will end up being published yet!!

4. Operation Inis - this is one of the more recent investigations which is currently on hold, for legal reasons, and once the clearance is given in relation to this particular issue, then publishing will resume.

5. Operation Laonia -  a year and more on from this exposure of a corrupt and intemperate 'bishop', who presides over what was once an honourbale diocese, there is far more to come the way of  Fintan 'Fear Na Bruíne' Monahan - and it won't be courtesy of CW this time.

But we will report on it Fintan!!

6. Operation Latharna - this is another recent investigation that is also going to be somewhat pertinent in the coming days and weeks as we slowly expose Mr Patrick Buckley for the liar that he actually is.

And unlike Mr Buckley, and those who 'assist' him with the running of his 'blog', we shall continue to produce evidence to back up everything we post.

It is going to be a very challenging year for you Mr Buckley, and indeed your 'Southern Sidekick'.

May we ask you, Mr Buckley, to consider being honest (big ask, we know) and answer the questions we have asked of you?

We will say no more as we are only too well aware of the legal actions coming down the line at you over the next while...