Sunday 3 March 2024

CWI : Operation Laonia (6)

CWI : Operation Laonia

We write this piece more directly to Bishop Fintan 'Fear Na Bruíne' Monahan, but it is also an insight to all other readers of what is going on in the Irish Roman Catholic Diocese of Killaloe at the moment.

At this time, you, Bishop Monahan, seem hell bent on making an announcement to the clergy of the diocese of which you are the alleged 'Shepherd', and you do this despite having been repeatedly warned that this information will, regrettably, become public in a very short period of time.

This will happen due to the mole in your diocese, the identity of whom is known to us here!!

You will do this having been repeatedly advised (and we have ALL copies of such correspondence) that to do so would jepordise two ongoing criminal investigations, never mind the other simple fact that you would be exposing the diocese to further legal action (on top of that which is going to happen as is).

Those who you summarily outsource all responsibility and liability to, including, but not confined to, the Advisory Board, need to be appraised of the fact that if the decision is made to proceed with notifying the priests - contrary to instructions already issued to you in writing - those on this Advisory Board are also going to be subject to legal action - collectively and individually.

The reason that this is published here is just in case you allow it to slip your mind, Bishop Fintan, as is seemingly your wont.

Due to your arrogance and incompetence, you have brought a lot of trouble and disgrace to the diocese of Killaloe, and as much more will follow as sure as day follows night if you proceed tomorrow evening.

The people of the diocese of Killaloe should not have to pay out legal fees and compensation due to your beligerent negligence....and they will appreciate it less so when the full (evidenced and factual) story is published in very due course.

Think very, very carefully Fintan, and behave as carefully again in all of this....

Failing which, then Rome, via the Papal Nuncio will be more than strongly invited to bring you in for a cup of tea and a chat on the Navan Road, or in the Eternal City itself.