Sunday 3 March 2024

CWI : Operation Laonia (24)

 CWI : Operation Laonia

Well Fintan, just a few questions for you that, no doubt, you will not answer...yet...

1. Why was the family of a deceased loved one so discommoded last Friday in Nenagh?

2. Is their beloved less than any other?

3. Why did no priest from Nenagh travel to be present at the funeral of a loyal parishoner?

4. What is the truth (a concept so alien to you as well evidenced heretofore) in relation to Fr. Anthony having to return to India this Thursday (14th)?

5. Anything to do with an unsubstantiated complaint made against him?

6. Have you investigated, or had an investigation carried out?

7. Why is your Diocesan Secretary, Fr Gerard Jones, blatantly lying in relation to this matter (and we have plenty evidence of his contradictory 'stories' in relation to him in this regard)?

8. Is this yet another situation Fintan, whereby yet another false (and uninvestigated) claim is made against a priest in Killaloe?

9. Unlike other priests in Killaloe, Fr. Anthony is not yours to 'discipline' so he cannot be shipped out or laicised (albeit fraudelently as per your form) so you are sending him back to India. 

Have you written a truthful account?

That would imply an investigation has taken place...but has that happened? 

A word to Fr. Anthony - ask your own bishop when you return to India to provide you with whatever Fintan may send.

Under Canon Law, you are entitled to such, but do not be surprised if there is no truth in it - that's not Fintans' way!!

Note to Fr. Gerard Jones - you are learning well at the knee of the master in the art of lying.

Maybe your parishoners - or the ne'er do wells as you are known to refer to them as - are not at as much of a loss with you not being around after all.