Saturday 2 March 2024

CWI : Operation Ainmhian (3)

Just a short note to re-assure everyone that a particular investigation is ongoing and we can advise as follows....

* 61 pages of rather worrying verified evidence in relation to a particular Irish Bishop have been unearthed, and is currently in the hands of a legal advisor;

* recorded telephone conversations between aforementioned Irish Bishop and others pertinet to this ongoing investigation, which will give rise to discrediting some rather slanderuous and defammatory claims / allegations that have been published on another blog, have been obtained and verified;

* evidence that claims made in relation to dealing with State Authorities are in actual fact groundless and baseless in fact;

* issues in relation to Data Protection have been notified to the relevant Auhorities in all jurisdictions;

...and that is just a taste of what is currently ongoing in this particualar investigation....

Keep watching this space for further relevations and in time to come, full evidentiary proof will be published...unlike other blogs...even when challenged to do so.