Sunday 3 March 2024

CWI : Operation Laonia (11)

CWI : Operation Laonia 

It's that time of the year when the Diocesan Clerical Changes are announced, and in that regard, Killaloe is no different...and yet it is.

This year, Fintan 'The Liar' Monahan is going to publish the diocesan clerical changes this coming Sunday, June 11th 2023...and we have some small insight into them.

There are going to be changes....such as the following (unless Fintan changes them at short notice due to us having somewhat of an insider on them)....

Fr Des Hillery moving to Imeall Boirne with Fr Damien Nolan moving to Sixmilebridge;

Fr Tom Whelan and Fr Michael Geraghty moving to Shannon to fill the vacany left by Fr Arnold (Cock & Pussy) Rosney, who is over in America on a chaplaincy course; 

Fr Michael Harding & Fr Pat Treacy having another 1 year extension granted to them to continue their discernment;

Fr Lorcan Kenny being removed from his Chaplaincy position, and transferred to parish duties.

However, and we direct this to Fintan,: be very, very careful about what you publish in relation, and as a furtherance, to the lies you published a few days ago (Operation Laonia (9)).

It is perhaps some relief that you have indicated not to publish certain information, considering the ongoing criminal investigations, but only refraining from doing so having been legally warned not to do so.

You received written warnings from both clergy concerned, strongly advising you not to proceed with naming them, failing which, you would - and still could - be the receipient of further legal correspondence.

Again Fintan, if there is anything untrue published here, do let our solicitors know through the offices of the Diocesan solicitors, and we will be only too happy to take your solicitors up on the invitation of a day out in the courts...and then the court of public opinion.

Remember Fintan, you still have every opportunity to stop the train wreck that you are about to reputationally and financially bring upon the once upstanding and respected Diocese of Killaloe....before you totally destroy it.

Failing that Fintan, we will unleash what we have about you in due course...and it will be the truth..!!