Sunday 3 March 2024

CWI : Operation Laonia (2)

CWI : Operation Laonia

In November 2022, we indicated that we were undertaking (and nearing completion) of an investigation into the RC diocese of Killaloe, currently under the 'leadership' of Bishop Fintan Monahan.

That investigation continues, and will dovetail with Operation Ainmhian in due course, and will leave so many you of wondering what the hell is going on in that diocese.

But for now, we are going to give you all a little flavour of what is going on there at the moment, so brace yourselves for these titbits...

1. A priest, who is in fact a biological father sits on a board, which has oversight of the morals of other priests in the diocese, and considers the appointment of a priest to a particular parish if and when such a situation arises. He also ministers as a priest in the same county as his daughter resides, although he has never been appointed to the geographical area in which she resides....funny that.

2. Another priest has been in a long term sexual, emotional and physical relationship with a married woman, and to such an extent that the 'recent' addition to her marital family looks something familiar to Fr / Daddy. When this priest was transferred to a different parish (in a different county), this priests concubine kept up the visits, and indeed continues to do so...and even more so than when he was resident in previous parish, where it is well known she stayed overnight (on many a night indeed) in the parochial house.

3. Recent allegations against a priest in the South East of the Clare part of the diocese have resulted, in effect, nothing happening to this particular priest even though his involvement with the female parishoner have been well documented and noted by so many, yet it is steadfastly ignored by Monahan.

4. Allegations of bullying against a particular priest (ie the priest was being bullied) were also ignored by Monahan and his predecessor, now Archbishop O'Reilly (Cashel & Emly), and it reached the stage whereby Monahan was weaseling to get rid of the priest rather than deal with the bully. This backfired on Monahan, and indeed Karma came a calling some time later when the (now former) female pastoral council member exercised herself in more ways than one - by throwing a chair at another person at a meeting. This vindicated the initial worries and reports from the priest who Monahan worked hard to get rid of, and no more has been mentioned of the matter, with the priest still ministering.

5. As many of you who read this blog know, Operation Ainmhian began last July, and continues to the present, and will indeed continue until no more can be printed. In the interim, the matter is with the Civil Authorities, but let it be noted that Monahan has exposed the Diocese to a raft of potential legal actions, including one from a relative of a priest against whom he made a defammatory remark.

6. And just to round off this little part, why has Monahan removed some clergy from the Diocesan Directory for no (legally) justifiable reason, and yet has left the criminally convicted wanker, Jerry Carey on it? 

Why is (Fr?) Carey still parading himself around Ennis? 

Indeed why is he permitted to do so by Monahan?

More anon....