Saturday 2 March 2024

CW Investigates : Updates

Clerical Whispers Investigates

We here in CWI are continuing in our determination to expose the truth in relation to ongoing investigations, and we would like to update you all as follows : 

Operation Ainmhian : this is now at a stage whereby it is totally out of the hands of CWI, and we are proud to have been involved in it...thus far. 

The reason for this is because it is a story that is going to become public in very due course, and when it does, we here at CW will carry it in full....and it promises to be explosive to say the least. 

Operation Caimiléireacht : this has thur far resulted in legal threats from some of the named entities, which are in the hands of our own legal representatives. Anyone who decides to threaten us with legal proceedings, please be advised of the following : we will meet you head on with evidence and truth....which is why you are threatening us no doubt. 

Operation Easpag : the prelate at the centre of all of this has decided to take a vow of silence (pity he didn't observe the vow of chastity!!) and has failed to continue to engage with either us or our legal representatives since late October...but we remain available for engagement. 

We have also decided to re-visit 2 of our previous investigations going back some years : 'Fr' Dennis Ward and Ordo Maria Aposolorum (aka Progressive Christian Fellowship) and will update on further information which has come to light in the last while which we have verified as factual.