Sunday 3 March 2024

CWI : Operation Laonia (4)

CWI : Operation Laonia

And so the show that is the 'Incompetent Shepherd' continues, and we are still awaiting for answers to our previous questions raised in our previous postings (2 and 3), so we would like to continue with a few more questions for Bishop Monahan....

(1) Why have you still failed to respond to a text message (6 weeks later) from a priest whose name you removed from the Diocesan website, without his knowledge or consent?

(2) In doing so, this priest has now been defamed and insinuations drawn in relation to him. Are you going to allow this priests good name to be dragged through the mud like you have with other priests?

(3) Other priests names have also been bandied about in a very disgusting and deliberate manner and again you are silent. Why?

(4) Is it not true that you were warned if you allowed this to happen once, where would it all end? Who would the next target be? Would it be another priest? As we now know, it is, and you have remained silently incompetent and incompetently silent....why?

(5) Are you ever going to challenge / address the falsehoods being perpetrated? If not, why not? If so, when?

(6) A priest was falsely accused and you sought his laicisation. Another priest was accused of the same said behaviour and yet remains in active ministry. Why the difference? Is it because the priest who remains is part of the 'inner clique' that exists in the Diocese?

(7) A priest who has fathered a child gets to remain and indeed gets elevated to an important role within the Diocese and current parish. If the same standards were to be applied as you have done recently, why has he not been laicised? Indeed, why not his predecessor who has also allegedly fathered a child and has kept up (pardon the pun) the clerical concubine relationship, albeit in another parish in a different county of your Diocese?

(8) Many allegations have been made against priests in your Diocese. Much evidence exists to prove that at least some, if not all, of these allegations are false. What have YOU done to protect the good names of these priests against whom these false allegations have been made?

(9) RTÉ done a report on the proposed transfer of lands at Saint Flannans College Ennis to the HSE last night, which no doubt has caused you some concern as no doubt you would have preferred all this to happen quietly. 

Clare County Council has had its reservations, as indeed do the teachers (as reported here), so what is your view in all of this? 

YOUR view Fintan, not that of 'Lazarus' it down to the money Fintan? 

(10) Is it not true that the Diocese of Killaloe is in effect, losing €4,000 per week, and the Diocese owes money to its own parishes, on which the Diocese is seeking a loan extension from each parish to which it owes this money?

No doubt you will continue to remain silent Fintan, but you will not always be able to.

If you do, in time, we will not.