Saturday 2 March 2024

CWI : Operation Ainmhian (4)

In an update to this CW Investigates investigation, work is progressing at a very healthy pace, and it is our hope - once legal clearance is obtained - to start printing the FACTS of this particular investigation.

And, as we publish the FACTS, we will also publish the EVIDENCE, both of which are intrinsic to any investigation.

To date, we have been very careful not to cut across any other investigation which may be currently active by other authorities, but we have engaged with such authorities in relation to evidence we have obtained, and have felt that may be of assistance to the aforementioned authorities in their own undertakings.

It is also important to note that we here at CW will not entertain any attempts by others to thwart or otherwise attempt to interfere with our work - whether that interference be direct or through a 3rd party.

It will NOT be tolerated, and if it is attempted again, then CW reserves the right to go public with any and all information to hand - at full throttle!!

In the interim, please do keep dropping back, and updates will become a little more regular, and we assure you that it will not be much longer before you all become well aware of what this investigation is all about.