Thursday 29 February 2024

CWI : Operation Easpag (12)

As we celebrate Holy Week, the mystery of the Lord's Passion, Death and resurrection we have a few queries for the Easpag at the centre of this investigation. 

We hope, that unlike some other publications,  these will be asked respectfully.  

So, leanimis ar aghaidh..

1. As you celebrated Good Friday liturgy,  did you spare a thought for those whom you have insulted, beaten down, broken and crucified? 
Maybe you didn't do this physically,  but words and actions can potentially be even more damaging. 
So, did you pray for those whom YOU have crucified? 

2. In response to question 1, you will probably reply by diversion, as is your wont... you will probably say, Did the priests and Bishops pray for those whom they have crucified.  Let us answer that for you. No, they did not. 
So, did you? 
If yes, is that an admission that you are finally making to your cruel treatment of some? 
If no, does that mean you are more like the bishops and priests than you care to confess? 

3. As you celebrated the Holy Thursday ceremony, did you consider Jesus, whom you claim to wish to imitate by asking yourself what would he do. Jesus washed the feet of Judas,  in a final act of love for someone who he knew would hurt and betray him. 
If Jesus is your role model, as you claim, do you show love to those who have fallen,  or even betrayed? 
Do you wash their feet? 
Or do you instead employ stones, whips and anything else at your disposal to heap condemnation upon people who may already be hurting or struggling or suffering? 
If so, is that Christ-like? 

4. Falls hurt. No matter what way you approach it, when you fall, it hurts. When a child falls, they automatically cry and seek refuge with someone who cares. Jesus fell, 3 times en route to Calvary. People have physical falls, and metaphorical falls. 
How have you reacted to people who have fallen? 
Do you see Christ in them? 
If so, have you helped them up? 
Have you been Veronica to them? 
Or, when someone has fallen, do you instead see a sort of opportunity, not to help, but to kick when down. 
Just wondering...

5. What is your honest opinion of the situation whereby someone has a fall...should they helped up, assisted, gently chided, given help and supported to not fall again? 
Or should they be mocked, belittled, destroyed, scorned and ridiculed? 
Either way, we'd love to hear your honest opinion. 

6. Peter got it wrong when he denied Jesus. As you claim your episcopal lineage of descent from Peter, this question revolves around that same fallibility. 
Do you, like Peter, ever get things wrong? 
We know you've said if you do, that you will correct the record, immediately.  Are you willing to stand over this answer? 
And just to be sure of what we're asking, we ask a second time... if evidence was provided to you, that was irrefutable and indisputable,  that something you had said or even alleged was wrong, would you correct the record? 
If St Peter does it, we are sure you will too. 

7. Pilate washed his hands of Jesus' blood, having initially tried in a vague sort of way to help him. 
Have you ever washed your hands of people? 

8. False witnesses testified against Jesus in a sham trial, and nobody really bothered to check out the sources. 
Do you always investigate sources? 
On many occasions we see you talk about journalistic integrity.  
On this basis, do you seek evidence,  interviews with accused and with victims, verification of stories presented? 

9. All churches / faiths / denminations have caused untold hurt to so many, rightly highlighted,  called out and challenged. We hope that continues.  But whenever we point a finger, 3 point back at us. 
So, the question must be asked, have you ever hurt anyone, with words or with actions? 
As a man, Christ was hurt by denial, betrayal and desertion. He was hurt physically by the implements of crucifixion. 
Have you caused hurt?  
If not,  ok. 
If so, what do you say to those whom you have hurt as you stand at the altar and go about your ministry? 
We sincerely look forward to hearing from you...and you are well aware of all the avenues open to you by which you can indeed reply.