Saturday 2 March 2024

CWI : Operation Ainmhian (6)

During these challenging weeks, our investigation continues into the allegations made against an out of ministry priest. 

These allegations range from (alleged) financial irregularities to (alleged) physical abuse of a woman. 

As we said only last week,  these allegations are both shocking and alarming for anyone,  lest alone someone engaged in ministry. 

However, a difficulty has arisen whereby CWI has seen evidence which leads us to believe that at least one of the allegations is false.

This is, of course, also very serious.

A false allegation, even if it is only an allegation, can be very damaging and should be retracted, if found to be false.

This leaves us at a most frustrating crossroads as we must now seek permission to possibly publish the evidence which excoriates the allegation.

Therefore,  we find ourselves still unable to publish as full details as we would wish, but our investigation will continue, and hopefully in the coming weeks will continue to bear fruit.