Wednesday 6 March 2024

CWI : Operation Caimiléireacht (1)


A new CW Investigation has begun : Operation Caimiléireacht or Operation Corruption....and here is the list of those concerned....

An Garda Síochána (specific members thereof)

Church of Ireland Diocese of Killaloe : (now : United Diocese of Tuam, Limerick & Killaloe) : (specific members thereof)

Clare County Council (specific members thereof)

Department of the Taoiseach (specific members thereof)

General Register Office (of Births, Marriages & Deaths) : Republic Of Ireland : (specific members thereof)

Mid-Western Health Board (now HSE West) : (specific members thereof)

Roman Catholic Diocese of Killaloe : (specific members thereof)

Solicitor Office (located in Clare) : (specific names will be provided)

* Let it be noted that this investigation

- is the result of many years work;

- has been carried out with external assistance (i.e. credible and accredited anti-corruption organisations outside of Ireland and UK);

- involves reams of paperwork (apologies to the rain-forests) and also audio -recordings, as well as sworn testimonies from those who not only felt but in effect knew wrongs were being done...

Some (if not many) people concerned (in above mentioned organisations) will now have every reason to worry as 

- records they had and thought destroyed are in fact not so; 

- notes they thought were non-existant in actual fact do exist; 

- recordings they thought they had destroyed or 'lost' have been recovered....and 

- much more than originally and initially thought to have existed actually does, as some decent and honest people in the above organisations were disgusted and concerned about the behaviour of those who WILL be named.

ALL information has been legally verified etc....

ALL names mentioned will find that the evidence to back up what is claimed will be totality, and

If any of such persons and/or organisations wish to be it...we are more than ready for you all...singularly and collectively.

Watch this space....