Sunday 3 March 2024

CWI : Operation Laonia (15)

CWI : Operation Laonia

Just a quick update for you all...Bishop Fintan 'The Liar' Monahan has not - as of yet - responded in any way, shape or form to the legal correspondence he would have received two weeks ago today.

At least you have another 2 weeks to go Fintan before you do....must be some job trying to write up an investigtion that never took place....

Also, Fintan, what tax is being declared on the church properties the Diocese is currently renting out at market rate, such as the 2 houses in Sixmilebridge?

The newly appointed Fr Nolan is having to slum it in Quin parochial house - for the next 6 months at least - as both church houses in Sixmilebridge are being rented out.

Come 2024 and the tenants in those properties will be out on their ears....