Tuesday 26 March 2024

Pope Francis writes Stations of the Cross texts himself for the first time

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For the first time, Pope Francis himself has written the texts for the Stations of the Cross at the Colosseum in Rome

The theme of the meditations is "Praying with Jesus on the Way of the Cross", as the online portal "Vatican News" reported on Tuesday. 

It will be about prayer and the suffering of Jesus, but less about the current world situation.

During Francis' eleven years in office, young people, families and refugees were among those who wrote the meditations for the 14 Stations of the Cross at the Colosseum. 

There were always topical references. In 2023, for example, a Ukrainian and a Russian jointly designed one of the stations. 

Before Francis, other popes had already prepared the meditations themselves, such as John Paul II in 2000.

According to the Vatican, Francis' presence at the traditional Stations of the Cross is still planned despite a current respiratory illness

Last year, the 87-year-old cancelled his participation at short notice due to bronchitis.