Tuesday 5 March 2024

CWI : Ars Sacra - Caveat Emptor (2)

CWI : Operation Ars Sacra 

Back in 2009, this blogspot warned of the rip-offs being perpetrated by Hayes & Finch, clerical suppliers based in England and this was moreso in relation to currency exchange.

However, there is now a new rip-off merchant on the block and they are based in Poland, operating under the name Ars Sacra (www.chasubles.eu) and they are to be avoided at all costs as they are, after careful investigation, nothing short of effective scammers.

We were first tipped off about them late 2011 by 2 clergy (1 Ireland and 1 in France) in relation to payments being taken for goods but the goods not being supplied. This then developed into the goods being delivered but not what was ordered....and then Ars Sacra charging the customer to send the (wrong) goods back and failing to provide the goods originally ordered.

CW at the time could not comment until recently as we were (and are) investigating this shoddy practice but now we can confirm due to another recent interaction with them which seems to yet again bear all the imprints of more fleecing of customers and expecting to get away with it.

At the moment, there is a few ongoing issues with this behaviour of Ars Sacra that have been raised with a few debit and credit payment agencies as this has happened and Ars Sacra are not in the least bit being co-operative.

On 22nd August, we will publish2 brief outlines of experiences of Ars Sacra's customers and their experiences which turned into a nightmare in trying to deal with this company!!