Tuesday 26 March 2024

No canonical measures against designated bishop


No canonical action will be taken against the Bishop-designate of Plymouth, Christopher Whitehead

 The corresponding proceedings have shown that no "canonical measures" are justified, the diocese of Clifton announced on its website. 

The 54-year-old Whitehead has resumed his work as parish priest of Saint John the Evangelist in Bath. 

It is unclear whether the consecration of the bishop will take place after all.

Whitehead's consecration was cancelled at the beginning of February. 

The reason was "canonical proceedings, until the conclusion of which no further comment will be made", the Bishops' Conference of England and Wales announced at the time. 

Whitehead, previously a priest in the diocese of Clifton, had resigned from his office. 

The content of the canonical proceedings was not disclosed. 

The current diocesan administrator of Plymouth, Paul Cummins, will remain in his post, it was said.

Pope Francis appointed Whitehead as Bishop of Plymouth on 15 December. 

The consecration of the bishop was planned for 22 February. 

The southern English diocese comprises 67 parishes.