Sunday 3 March 2024

CWI : Operation Laonia (5)

CWI : Operation Laonia

As our investigation continues into the Diocese of Killaloe under the 'leadership' of Bishop Fintan 'Fear Na Bruíne' Monahan, we wish to ask again, but with more information now to hand (in red), of aforementioned Bishop Fintan 'Fear Na Bruíne' Monahan, the questions from Operation Laonia 2 and 3... 

1. A priest, who is in fact a biological father sits on a board, which has oversight of the morals of other priests in the diocese, and considers the appointment of a priest to a particular parish if and when such a situation arises. He also ministers as a priest in the same county as his daughter resides, although he has never been appointed to the geographical area in which she resides....funny that.

Why does this priest still continue to sit on this Priest Advisory Board, making decisions about other clergy when his own situation is well known, and yet nothing done??

2. Another priest has been in a long term sexual, emotional and physical relationship with a married woman, and to such an extent that the 'recent' addition to her marital family looks something familiar to Fr / Daddy. When this priest was transferred to a different parish (in a different county), this priests concubine kept up the visits, and indeed continues to do so...and even more so than when he was resident in previous parish, where it is well known she stayed overnight (on many a night indeed) in the parochial house.

Why is this female still continuing (and allowed to continue) to visit this priest in Offaly from Clare, and continuing (and allowed to continue) to sleep over in his parochial house, as she did in the Presbytery in Ennis Cathedral?  

Is this priest going to be laicised (something for which you developed a seriously concerning penchant of late)? 

Or will you continue to ignore it?

3. Recent allegations against a priest in the South East of the Clare (Shannon) part of the diocese have resulted, in effect, nothing happening to this particular priest even though his involvement with the female parishoner have been well documented and noted by so many, yet it is steadfastly ignored by you.

Is this priest going to be laicised? 

Or will you continue to ignore it?

On the basis of the allegation outlined above, your Protection Officer, Cleo Yates made a telephone call to another priest recently looking for details (allegedly) for the Gardaí in Shannon to take this further....have you directed this to happen?

Has it happened?

Our inside information is that it has not...why not?

Was it another kite flying exercise by you, Ms Yates and the Diocese?

4. Allegations of bullying against a particular priest (ie the priest was being bullied) were also ignored by you and your predecessor (and mentor), now Archbishop O'Reilly (Cashel & Emly), and it reached the stage whereby you were weaseling to get rid of the priest rather than deal with the bully. This backfired on you, and indeed Karma came a calling some time later when the (now former) female pastoral council member exercised herself in more ways than one - by throwing a chair at another person at a meeting. This vindicated the initial worries and reports from the priest who you worked hard to get rid of, and no more has been mentioned of the matter, with the priest still ministering.

Why have you not formally apologised to this priest for your actions against him, based as they were on a false narrative (and not for the first, nor indeed, the last time)?

Do you intend to?

Or will you continue to sweep it under the ever enlarging bump under the carpet developing in the offices of the Diocese of Killaloe there in Westbourne?

5. As many of you who read this blog know, Operation Ainmhian began last July, and continues to the present, and will indeed continue until no more can be printed. In the interim, the matter is with the Civil Authorities, but let it be noted that Monahan has exposed the Diocese to a raft of potential legal actions, including one from a relative of a priest against whom he made a defammatory remark.

And in case anyone, including Bishop Fintan 'Fear Na Bruíne' Monahan, thinks this is over, let us assure, and indeed re-assure all parties to this situation, it is indeed only now really begun.

A proposed announcement, by Bishop Fintan 'Fear Na Bruíne' Monahan for March 22nd., if it goes ahead, will be financially devastaing for both Bishop and Diocese alike, and lest anyone thinks the Bishop has not been made aware of such an outcome, there is evidence to indicate strongly that he and the Priests Advisory Board are on legal notice in relation to such a proposed announcement.

6. And just to round off this little part, why has Monahan removed some clergy from the Diocesan Directory for no (legally) justifiable reason, and yet has left the criminally convicted wanker, Jerry Carey on it?

Why is (Fr?) Carey still parading himself around Ennis? 

Indeed why is he permitted to do so by Monahan?

Well, we now know why...he is gainfully employed by the Diocese (on Diocesan payroll no less), in doing some work in Westbourne (Killaloe Diocesan HQ) and also....hold yourselves for this acts as mentor to a young priest brought into the Diocese from afar in matters of homiletics and pastoral outreach...

Let's hope it doesn't involve a trip to the beach!! 

7. Why have you not replied - even to acknowledge receipt - to the text message of a priest who seems to have disappeared from the Diocesan website without even knowing about it? Why not reply Fintan? Is it because you know you have messed up and won't fess up?

We have the answer to that one also, and for the moment we will refrain from saying too much other than that Fintan has now effectively impoverished this priest, to such an extent that this priest has his family now financially supporting him so as to keep a roof over his head.

What did this priest do wrong you may wonder? 

We are wondering likewise, but it may be partly explained by the fact that this priest stood up to Bishop Fintan 'Fear Na Bruíne' Monahan, and if there is one thing Bishop Fintan doesn't like, it is his 'authority' being is well evident in the Diocese of Killaloe.

Do you, Fintan, have your own 'laicisation line' directly to the Vatican at this stage, as it seems you are now importing priests to replace the priests you are maliciously and falsely laicising ad nauseaum in the Diocese.

Is it no wonder that morale amongst the remaining (non-clique) priests is on the floor, and that some are seeking support for their mental health and wellbeing (outside the Diocese), and so downcast about being part of the Diocese under your questionable 'leadership'?

8. Why did you rush to Ennis Garda Station and make a false allegation against a member of the clergy? Is it not true that you got your knuckles rapped by An Garda Síochána for doing such?

No answer from Bishop Fintan 'Fear Na Bruíne' Monahan in relation to this, but we have evidence which advises that you did indeed get your knuckles rapped....indeed, you should have been done for wasting Garda time in this situation.

9. Why, Bishop Fintan, do you think that you can do as you wish with the lives of others, and not (yet) face the consequences of your ill-advised (in)actions?

10. Why, Bishop Monahan, are you happy to expose the Diocese of Killaloe to upcoming, potential financially devastating, lawsuits?

In this regard, we can unite questions 9 and 10, and now bring in the issue of the situation of the field in St Flannans College, and the teachers who are opposed to the possible sale of this field to the HSE by the Diocese of Killaloe.

The Diocese has already sent back its own plans to Clare County Council very, very recently, and the HSE is not too far behind either.

The sale will realise the sum of at least €3.5 million, and one has to only wonder where that money will go....and Lazarus Quinlivan is saying nothing in that regard, and neither is Bishop Fintan 'Fear Na Bruíne' Monahan....

This now means that there is a direct collision course between the Diocese and the teachers in St Flannan's College in the making here...and all down to the arrogance and dismissive attitude of the most unChristian but definitely most (institutional) Catholic Bishop of Killaloe ever.

The teachers may yet vote with their feet, as well may the parents of the students....and who could blame them?

So, as with all of the above questions none of what is stated above is untrue, and indeed, it is regrettably true.

And yet again, it begs the question, and this is addressed directly to the newly appointed Nuncio to Ireland and also to Vatican Bureaucrats : what does it take for you to carry out an Apostolic Visitation to the Diocese of Killaloe?

Would you like ALL the REAL evidence?

Nothing fake or forged here, we assure you.

We sincerely look forward to your reply!!