Monday 4 March 2024

CWI : Operation Bachall (5)

Image result for michael burke omaIt seems that paedophile protectors living here in Ireland are now also protected by those a little worried in case they are made accountable publicly for their actions.

One of these is Mr Niall Sheirdan, now resident in County Cavan, and a member of the cult known as Ordo Maria Apostolorum and best known amongst former Reformed Catholic Church clergy as one who defended the presence of a convicted paedophile at a Mass ceremony a few years ago in the USA.

Same Mr Sheridan is now licenced by the Irish State to officiate at weddings/blessings etc courtesy of Mr Kieran Feely, the General Registrar for the Republic of Ireland and yet there is information available publicly and privately in relation to Mr Sheridans behaviour.

So why is this person with a questionable background licenced by the Irish State?

There is private information which is due to go public in the courts as well so we will not comment further in that regard.

One has to wonder if the OMA is any different to Rome in respect of duty of care to children when they took in Mr Sheridan 2 years ago - as Rev M Burke of the OMA was well aware of Mr Sheridan and his support for the convicted paedophile.....