Thursday 29 February 2024

CWI : Operation Easpag (15)

In August 2022, this blog began Operation Easpag on the basis of some very interesting, factually proven information provided to us here in CWI.

Since then, we have travelled to meet a dozen or so people who have been able to verify - independently of others who initially provided the aformentioned information to us - all and any claims made to us.

We have attempted to correspond with the bishop at the heart of this, and have left as many avenues of contact open to them to do so - only for our legal representatives to receive abusive calls from the bishop and some of his loyal - but no doubt misguided - suppporters.

In one call, we have the bishop concerned actually admit it is indeed himself referred to in our postings as part of Operation Easpag, and that means we now have irrefutible evidence from the person themselves - alongside that provided heretofore.

And today, Sunday 16th July 2023, almost one year on, we have had another very interesting 2 hour conversation with 4 people who have verified even further for us, all claims made to us and indeed another - very recent - situation was alleged, and again verified to us.

In all these kind of situations, we do of course have our legal representatives read over and check out the evidence provided before we dare to print, and once we have clearance, in this particular case, these extra 3 pages will become part of the current 200+ pages we already have in relation to Operation Easpag.

Interesting times ahead....