Monday 4 March 2024

CWI : Operation Bachall (6)

The Ordo Maria Apostolorum (OMA) aka Christian Progressive Fellowship is trying to undermine consistently a former cleric, via one of their own, namely Mr Niall SHERIDAN, the noted paedophile protector of a former jurisdiction.

This is what he had to say at the time of it being found out that he was happy to protect a convicted paedophile...

The words of Sheridan himself as follows are enough to make anyone be questioning;

"Frankly I find this exposition the single most hypocritical piece of rubbish that has been said throughout all this nonsensical madness. Duh! A church founded by a convicted felon has no room for a convicted felon!"

This is from an email circulated by Sheridan on Tuesday, November 24, 2009 7:36 AM and nothing has obviously changed!!!
Sheridan then set out to discredit and destroy the reputation of any and all who went against him, including in Ireland (2010) but since then, a discreet investigation has been ongoing in the background into Sheridan and others in the OMA (aka CPF) and this information will be released in due course...and it involves certain Irish Government mandarins and indeed the head of the General Registration Office in Roscommon.
Even The Ditch wouldn't have the inside on this one...we have the records lads...and by Christ we intend to bring a few heads to plates on this...revenge is not what this is is about truth!!