Saturday 30 March 2024

Limerick Bishop to celebrate Easter Sunday Mass at prison


Bishop Brendan Leahy urges people to remember the message of hope this Easter Sunday. 

Bishop Brendan Leahy will celebrate Easter Sunday Mass in Limerick Prison today. Reflecting on the message of Easter, Bishop Leahy spoke of the importance of hope and new beginnings, saying "it's important to remember that life is a journey" and we must all have "Hope of new beginnings."

The Catholic Bishop of Limerick is reminding everyone that despite current world challenges and problems of war and violence there is still lots of evidence of humanity and strong bonds within communities: "I think it's a time for us... to turn the light on again, recognize, look, there is light, and we have a way of getting through these things"

Speaking on Live95's Limerick Today this week, the Limerick Bishop said "We're facing a lot of challenges, even politically. We see a lot of changes happening, and we know there's a kind of an uncertain atmosphere around the place."

The Bishop spoke of the journey Jesus Christ made from sacrifice to resurrection, and what it means today in relation to Migrants in recent weeks: "...there's always going to be difficulties. I appreciate that, but just the fact that they're not the end of the story, there is something more."

Bishop Brendan Leahy concludes, “So what does this week tell us? It tells us that life is a journey. That there will be hardships. There will be crosses to bear. It tells us that there are people who will always be with us, to help us, to carry any cross we are given; our family, our friends.
“It tells us that there is always hope. Hope of new beginnings. Hope given to us by the great Risen Lord. Above all, it tells us that God is always with us.”