Sunday 31 March 2024

Clerical Whispers....and we're back !!

Well, dear friends, it seems that common sense has prevailed with the International and Ireland versions of Clerical Whispers now back and fully accesible - no matter where you are.

Nice to see Google cop themselves on, and finally realise that the false claims of harassment by others (hypocrisy much) are just that - FALSE..

It will be great to just have to publish once, and I would like to express my sincerest thanks to the CW Team for their committment to ensuring that both sites were kept going throughout the fiasco that presented itself via the lies and falsehoods of others.

All your hard work is sincerely appreciated, as is that of our solicitors, you our supporters and also our contributors.

We will continue to investigate, verify, verify again, and publish any and all such information as we feel necessary, whilst also liaising with the relevant authorities in each jurisdiction - as is ongoing at the moment.

Karma is going to start making itself known on a few - and we will keep you all very much updated.

To those who would attempt a stunt like this to take the light from their own lies and falsehoods, let me give you the advice already freely offered to you heretofore :

This is one cage that ye should not have rattled....  


Eagarthóir / Editor