Sunday 7 April 2024

Diocese of Münster condemns attack on synagogue in Oldenburg

Jewish Synagogue Fire Bombed in German ...

The Diocese of Münster has condemned the attack on a synagogue in Oldenburg. "Anti-Semitism must have no place in our society," it said in a statement published by the diocese on social networks on Saturday. 

"All Christians are called upon to show solidarity with their Jewish brothers and sisters".

"We will oppose all forms of anti-Semitism," the text continues. The attack shows that the formula "Never again" now applies.

An incendiary device was thrown at the synagogue on Friday evening. 

Nobody was injured, according to the Oldenburg-Stadt/Ammerland police station. 

One door was damaged. 

The police are reportedly searching for the perpetrator with a large contingent. 

The background to the offence is still unclear, so investigations are being carried out in all directions.

Security measures increased

The President of the Oldenburg Police Directorate, Andreas Sagehorn, condemned the attack "in the strongest possible terms. The police will do everything they can to clarify the background to this cowardly act and identify the perpetrator(s)." 

In addition, security measures at the synagogue will be increased immediately.

The Bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Oldenburg, Thomas Adomeit, expressed his horror. 

"This despicable and inhumane attack unfortunately shows once again that we have not overcome the evil of anti-Semitism in our society," explained Adomeit in the evening. "The fact that our Jewish sisters and brothers have to worry about their own lives is unacceptable."